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Current Cases and Claims Forms

We are an experienced law firm in the areas of Class Action and Individual Litigation, Employment Litigation (including Wage and Hour violations, Sexual Harassment, and Sexual, Age, Race and other illegal Discrimination), as well as Personal Injury and Wrongful Death, Products Liability, Construction Accidents, Unfair Competition, and Criminal Defense.

Currently, the firm is class counsel for class members on numerous wage and hour class action cases against many national retail stores for failure to pay straight time and overtime to employees including Managers, Assistant Managers, and Customer Service Representatives. Similarly, we handle cases involving the misclassification of so-called outside salespersons–when the employees are, in reality, delivery drivers or service representatives–so as to avoid the payment of overtime compensation.

Likewise, the firm is counsel for employment exemption misclassification of employees in several cases, including the administrative salaried exempt positions and so-called “independent contractor” positions, when in fact the individuals do not meet the California and/or federal test for these exemptions and classifications.

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