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Protecting Employees From Final Paycheck Violations

If you were fired, terminated or quit your job, your employer is required to pay you within 30 days. At the Law Offices of Kevin T. Barnes, we are dedicated to protecting employees from unfair employment practices.

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Experienced In Employment Law

Employment law is a complicated area of the law, but we have practiced in this area for more than 14 years. Founding attorney, [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-3″], has been recognized in employment and labor law by Southern California Super Lawyers magazine.

Mr. Barnes tried the first class-action wage hour case in Los Angeles County against Huntington Memorial Hospital. After eight years, the landmark decision determined that the hospital violated overtime laws. At the Law Offices of Kevin T. Barnes, we are trial attorneys, prepared to handle the toughest cases in court.

Final Paycheck Problems

Our attorneys have represented hundreds of employment law clients. We have an in-depth understanding of the state and federal laws employers must follow.

In California, when an employer fires someone, the employer is responsible to provide the former worker with a final paycheck immediately. If an employee gives 72 hours’ notice and quits, the employer is responsible to give the employee a final paycheck on his or her last day of work.

One the other side — employers have 72 hours to tender a final paycheck when someone quits without notice. Often, employers break these laws by paying according to the company’s payroll schedule.

As employment law attorneys, we aggressively pursue compensation from employers that fail to follow the law. Employees who do not promptly receive correct payment are entitled to compensation according to their daily wages multiplied by 30 days. During a no-cost initial consultation, we will review your final paycheck to make sure it includes unused vacation days, as well as overtime pay you haven’t already received.

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