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Reimbursement Expense Lawyers Representing Independent Contractors

Some employers classify their employees as independent contractors to avoid paying certain taxes, providing benefits, paying overtime and reimbursing them for business expenses.

At the Law Offices of Kevin T. Barnes, our employment law attorneys protect independent contractors from being exploited.

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Who Qualifies As An Independent Contractor?

Employers must follow strict standards when identifying workers as independent contractors. For more than 20 years, the Law Offices of Kevin T. Barnes has held employers responsible for misclassifying employees as contractors.

Attorney Kevin T. Barnes has been recognized in employment and labor law by Southern California Super Lawyers magazine since 2007. Mr. Barnes has a deep background investigating business relationships between contractors and employers. Our attorneys begin their investigation by asking clients several questions such as:

  • Do you set your own work hours?
  • Are you paid per hour rather than by each job?
  • Are you working on several projects for different employers?
  • Did your employer provide you with work supplies and a place to work?
  • Do you work with a supervisor or are you independent in your decisions?

Our attorneys thoroughly review each case, analyzing the jury instructions used in trial to determine if contractors are misclassified. According to the law, workers are either contractors or employees. Whether your employer intentionally misclassified you or made a mistake, we will aggressively seek compensation.

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