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Meal and Rest Breaks

California Attorneys for Meals and Rest Breaks

Under California law, employers are required to pay employees for any of the employees’ time that the employers control and that benefits the employers. Generally, this does not include commuting time or time employees spend washing or changing clothes before or after work. However, it does include time that the employee cannot spend as he or she wishes, even if that time is not spent working.

California has laws requiring employers to provide meal and/or rest breaks. These laws specify the minimum time that must be allowed and whether that time must be paid. Employees must be free of all job responsibilities during breaks. If an employee must perform any job duties during a break, that time must be paid. Also included in hours worked are rest periods and coffee breaks shorter than twenty minutes.

In California, work shifts over five hours require a 30-minute meal break, and work shifts over four hours require at least a ten-minute rest break.

If your employer is violating these laws and you are not receiving just breaks or meal times, or not being compensated for them as required, you need to contact the attorneys at the Law Offices of Law Offices of Kevin T. Barnes today.