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Off-the-Clock Wage Violations

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Protecting Employees from Off-the-Clock Wage Violations

The California legislature has recently reclassified certain salaried employees as hourly employees. This has especially affected the retail industry. At the Law Offices of Kevin T. Barnes, we fight to protect employees from off-the-clock wage violations.

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Extensive Experience in Employment Law

For more than 14 years, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Kevin T. Barnes have fought to protect employees from off-the-clock wage violations.

The firm’s founding lawyer, Kevin T. Barnes, has been recognized in employment and labor law by Southern California Super Lawyers magazine for the last three years. Mr. Barnes has extensive experience representing clients with complex employment law needs.

The Law Office of Law Offices of Kevin T. Barnes also recently settled an off-the-clock case for $25.5 million dollars against a major retailer for off-the-clock violations. Last year, Law Offices of Kevin T. Barnes’ office also settled a case for off-the-clock, as well as meal and rest violations, in the amount of $23 million dollars.

They understand the changes in the law that recently made exempt employees hourly workers. This has greatly impacted retail managers who are now paid an hourly wage and only given five hours of overtime each week to meet their responsibilities. With high demands, the managers are forced to work off-the-clock without pay in order to keep up.

Investigating Off-the-Clock Wage Violations

If you are working off-the-clock, you deserve compensation and you are probably not alone. Our employment law attorneys have an extensive background representing class action clients. We will review your case, and if other employees are victims of similar off-the-clock wage violations.

As we begin our investigation, we determine if this is a corporate-wide policy or a one-time circumstance. We work with clients to see if they were given an employee handbook outlining the off-the-clock policy. As a legal team, we fully investigate the case to determine, e.g. if we can find a former human resources leader to testify that this was a company policy. All of our cases are prepared thoroughly, to be successful in court if trial is appropriate.

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