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Strong Products Liability Representation

A person who purchases a product should be able to use it as it was intended without being injured. Companies that design, develop and sell products have a duty to ensure that they are not introducing anything to the marketplace that might cause injury. Unfortunately, far too many people are injured in California each year when a product fails.

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What Is Products Liability?

Products can be defective for three different reasons. They are either defective in how they were designed, how they were made or because there was an inadequate warning about the potential dangers of the product.

In California, a manufacturer or seller can be held strictly liable for a defective product. To hold a party strictly liable for an injury, an injured person must prove that:

  • The product in question was being used in a reasonably foreseeable manner and that it had not been altered, damaged or used in an unintended way.
  • The product was defective when it was manufactured, sold or distributed by the manufacturer or seller.
  • The person’s injuries were caused by the defective product.

Even when a manufacturer, distributor or seller may not be held strictly liable, they may be found negligent if they failed to take reasonable measures to ensure that the product was safe and they should have reasonably anticipated that a person could be injured by the product in its current condition.

Handling Defective Products Claims

Our lawyers handle a variety of different products liability claims including, but not limited to, those involving foreign objects found in food, unsafe equipment, defective appliances, auto parts and children’s equipment.

We are committed to pursuing claims against all responsible parties to obtain the maximum possible damages to compensate our clients for their losses.

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