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Understanding Wrongful Death Claims In California

Wrongful death claims do more than hold a negligent party accountable. They ensure that the family that is left behind has the financial resources necessary to continue on. The true cost of a premature death is more than the emotional loss of losing a loved one. As many families find out, losing a loved one can be economically devastating.

If a spouse or child has died as a result of the negligence of an individual or company, talk to a personal injury lawyer at the Law Offices of Kevin T. Barnes in Los Angeles. At your free initial consultation, our compassionate attorneys will meet with you to discuss the circumstances of your case and what you can expect from our firm. Call our law firm today at (323) 549-9100.

Making A Successful Wrongful Death Claim In California

To succeed in a wrongful death claim in California, a wrongful death attorney must be able to convince a jury that a person’s negligence or reckless, wanton or willful behavior was responsible for the death of the loved one.

The attorney must also be able to articulate how the loss impacted the family. For the families left behind, these losses are extensive. They have lost a source of love, affection, care and guidance among other things. The economic losses begin at the cost of the funeral and burial and extend to what the deceased would have been able to contribute monetarily and in household services over his or her lifetime.

An important detail that should not be forgotten is timing. In California, any wrongful death claim must be brought within two years of the death. A more pressing concern may be evidence. The sooner the claim is brought, the greater the chances of preserving evidence.

You Only Have One Opportunity To File Your Claim

You only have one opportunity to file a wrongful death claim. Make sure the lawyer you hire is the right one for you. Schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our lawyers today.